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Our baking team at Biddy's tea room make all of our ocassion cake centres. Lead by our head baker Ellen. Most wedding cakes are then passed over to Charlie to decorate whilst the majority of the birthday and occassion cakes are then finished by Ellen and her team.


We keep everything in house, meaning the cakes are made fresh for you, to your requirements and the finishing touvhes are also handmade. As a bakery the flavour of our bakes are the most important part of the process so we feel confident that our cakes taste as great as they look!


We can ofer many treatments to your cake including gluten free and dairy free options, dyed sponges that look incredible when you cut them up and proper fillings in your cake (we use a 'dam' technique which ensure we can fill your sponges with jam, nuts, berries, meringe, chocolate, marshmallows, brownies or whatever is best and wont affect the over all finish of your cake)

When it comes to larger cakes and wedding cakes we offer a tasting appointent that is deductable from your purchased cake. In this appointment we will discuss your requirements and I shall offer suggestions and advice. If the cake is a new design for us and warrents a sketch I will send that along with an estimate within a week of the tasting. From then on I am contactable via email. Please view the terms and contact page.


If the cake is a smaller occassion cake we take details via email and have the cake boxed ready for collection or offer a delivery service at cost.